COVID-19 :: We are here for you – remotely.

As long as the coronapandemic threatens us, the law imposes various restrictions on us. But above all, we feel it is important from a moral point of view that we should not put you, ourselves and society in unnecessary danger. In order to allow our work to proceed as undisturbedly as possible for you, we apply the following working method:

  • General

    – Our employees work from home as much as possible.

    – We can be reached by phone, email, google meet, etc.

    – We use masks in our offices.

    – We only work by appointment.

    – We follow the stricter hygiene measures.

    – We apply the 1.5 meter distance measure.

  • Customer visits

    – We only travel if strictly necessary.

    – We always observe the local prescribed distance.

    – We get tested before every trip abroad.

    – We always travel alone.

    – We wear mouth masks as per requirement.

  • Construction and maintenance work

    – We apply all the above rules also during construction and maintenance of the projects carried out.

    – All employees or subcontractors have an official signed employer’s statement.